About qubbie

we make it easy to save, organize and share your favourite web pages.

Have you ever visited an awesome web page which you failed to find again? Your browsing history has hundreds of items but your desired web page seems to have vanished? Has your favourites list blown up to such an extent that finding anything there is a mere nightmare? Do you actively use several Internet browsers, with Chrome and Firefox being some of them? Or... maybe you are a keen fan of only one browser but work on a few computers that cannot share your favourites?

Qubbie is an answer to all these problems. Qubbie will share your favourite web pages among browsers and devices helping you access them at any place and time. Qubbie enables seamless adding and searching for web pages so that you never lose your precious time again.

sharing favourites among computers and browsers

The fact that you have discovered Qubbie may mean that you happen to use different Internet browsers. You probably use many various devices, as well a few computers or smartphones. And certainly, you have been faced with a situation in which you clearly remember saving a great web page, article or a photo on one of those devices, but – as luck would have it – at a time when you needed it again, you worked on a completely different device and had no access to your favourites. Qubbie helps avoid this inconvenience . By saving your desired web pages with Qubbie, you save them in our database, rather than locally, as you have done so far. This allows you to share favourites among all your devices and browsers.

easy search for saved web pages

Everyone with a large list of saved web pages knows how difficult it may be to find a desired one. Browsing through hundreds of saved pages in browser settings or in a separate file is a time-consuming nuisance and more often than not ends with typing a new query in Google. Qubbie makes it easy to order, categorise and describe web pages and thus guarantees that searching for what you need is quick and painless.

data security

With Qubbie you can be sure that your data will not disappear when your computer fails. If you have to change your device, install a system or reinstall a browser, go ahead. Your data – as safe as never before – will be waiting for you.